In its 20th year of business, OptiPharm has become a strong presence in the Australian health market.

We have developed and manufactured our successful household brands, OptiSlim, OptiGold, OptiMan, OptiVite and iSustain to fulfil our mission: to make health and wellness products available for all individuals at any life stage.

Our working relationship with our retailers and suppliers is vital to continue delivering quality products to our consumers.

Losing weight should be easy. That’s why we developed OptiSlim, a brand backed by our 20-year reputation and a firm presence on pharmacy shelves today.

OptiSlim’s range of very low-calorie diet (VLCD) and low-calorie diet (LCD) are clinically proven to help people lose weight fast. These are incorporated into our easy to follow OptiSlim Weight Loss program designed to restrict calorie/kilojoule whilst maintaining healthy nutrition.

Made with pure Australian milk, OptiGold is tailored to meet the changing nutritional needs of your growing toddler. Our advanced formula is rich in Iron, Calcium, B-Vitamins and Lutein, our advanced OptiGold formula is specifically designed for growing babies and toddlers.

Designed with men in mind, the OptiMan formulation is high protein, low calorie and low fat to achieve body weight goals. Packed with high quality protein, OptiMan burns through fat and prevents muscle mass loss.

Support your ongoing wellbeing and nutrition with the iSustain range of drinks. Filled with essential vitamins and minerals to boost energy levels and aid individuals with specific lifestyles.